Enjoy a NEW value-packed menu in paradise!

Where is the tuk-tuk taking you today? Maybe on a brand-new banquet adventure, or an alfresco seat for Sunset Sessions—the options are INFINITE!

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration… but there is plenty of new menu goodness to dive into…

✨ There are now 6 DIFFERENT BANQUETS to choose from… including a Bottomless Banquet on weekends

✨ All-time menu favourites are back!

✨ Spark your taste of adventure with brand new dishes

✨ Wet your trunk with colourful new cocktails

✨ Treat the little ones with kids’ menu options

✨ Enjoy a special Sunset Sessions menu on select days

✨ Make the most of amazing takeaway and delivery deals

You might need a few trips to take it all in… and a menu thriving with affordable luxuries mai’kes it easy to do so! Settle in to enjoy high-quality ingredients and plentiful portions time after time — after all, this is paradise.

Book a table now and embark on a journey to new delights!